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Silk Benefits


Stop bedhead, frizz and tangles with silk’s super smooth texture ensures that hair glides over it without any friction which means you are less likely to wake up with frizzy, tangled, bed hair. Silk can also help preserve your hair styling such as blowouts or curls without adding any frizz.

Get your best night's sleep ever with silk helps to regulate your temperature and unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture, silk wicks moisture away to keep you dry and cool all night long.

Silk also helps to keep the skin & hydrated due to its smoothness means that it’s less likely to absorb moisture from the skin. This means the skin is kept nice and hydrated without its valuable moisture being absorbed by the fabric. This makes silk great for all skin types, especially those with dry skin.

Silk fabric is a smooth surface with very little friction which means there is less tugging on the skin than cotton. Studies have shown that creases in the skin can be caused by friction when tossing and turning in the sleep, but a silky smooth surface can help reduce that in the long term.