Editorial Complaints Policy

At Frankie Peach, we are committed to providing our readers with high-quality content that is accurate, fair, and respectful. We value your feedback and take any complaints about our editorial content seriously. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our commitment to addressing and resolving concerns related to our editorial content.

How to Submit a Complaint

If you believe that a Frankie Peach article or piece of content has violated our editorial standards or principles, you can submit a complaint through one of the following methods:

Online Complaint Form

Visit our website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page.
Select the “Editorial Complaints” option.
Fill out the online form with details of your complaint.


Send an email to info@frankiepeach.com with “Editorial Complaint” as the subject line.

Include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The title and URL of the article or content in question.
  • A detailed description of your complaint, including specific concerns and the reason for your complaint.
  • Any relevant evidence or sources to support your complaint, such as screenshots or links to credible sources.

What to Include in Your Complaint

To help us address your complaint effectively, please include the following information:

Specific Details

Provide specific information about the article or content, such as the publication date, the author’s name (if available), and any relevant quotes or excerpts.


Clearly outline the aspects of the content that you believe are problematic or in violation of our editorial standards. Be specific about what you find objectionable or inaccurate.


If possible, include any supporting evidence, such as links to credible sources or screenshots that demonstrate the issue.

Your Contact Information

Please provide your name, email address, and any other contact information we may need to reach you for further clarification or updates regarding your complaint.

Review Process

Once we receive your complaint, our editorial team will conduct a thorough review of the content in question. We will assess the validity of your concerns and evaluate whether the content adheres to our editorial standards. This review process may involve consulting with relevant experts and fact-checking sources.


Upon completing our review, we will take one of the following actions:

Correction or Amendment

If we find that the content contains errors or inaccuracies, we will make corrections or amendments to address the issue. We will also update the article with a note indicating the correction.

Retraction or Removal

If we determine that the content violates our editorial standards to a significant extent, we may choose to retract or remove the content from our website. In such cases, we will provide an explanation for the decision.


If we believe that the content adheres to our editorial standards and principles, we will provide a detailed explanation of our decision to the complainant.


We will communicate our findings and actions to you, the complainant, within a reasonable timeframe. If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the option to escalate your complaint to our Editorial Review Board.

Editorial Review Board

If you disagree with the resolution provided by our editorial team, you may request a review by our Editorial Review Board. The Editorial Review Board is an independent panel of experts in journalism, ethics, and relevant subject matter. Their decision will be final.


Frankie Peach is committed to transparency in addressing editorial complaints. We will periodically review and update this Editorial Complaints Policy to reflect changes in our processes and to better serve our readers.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we appreciate your efforts in helping us maintain the highest editorial standards. Thank you for your commitment to quality journalism and for your trust in Frankie Peach.

Last Updated: 15 September 2023

For any inquiries or to submit an editorial complaint, please visit our “Contact Us” page or email info@frankiepeach.com

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