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Bohort Name Meaning and Origin


Meaning, History, and Origin


Bohort is believed to be of Old French origin, with possible connections to the Old Breton name “Bihort,” meaning “victorious” or “to win in battle.” The name reflects a historical association with valor and triumph.

Historical Significance

Bohort is recognized in Arthurian legend as Sir Bohort de Ganis, one of the Knights of the Round Table known for his chivalrous deeds and commitment to honor.

Cultural and Linguistic Origin

The name Bohort has roots in Old French, showcasing its connection to medieval literature and the romance of the Arthurian tales.

Usage and Popularity

Historical Usage

Bohort gained popularity in medieval French literature, particularly in the Arthurian romances that contributed to the development of chivalric literature.

Modern Usage

While not a common name in contemporary times, Bohort may still be appreciated for its historical and literary associations, especially among those with an interest in Arthurian legends.


Variations may include Bohort de Ganis, the full Arthurian title of the character.


Sir Bohort de Ganis

The most notable namesake is Sir Bohort, celebrated as a knight in Arthurian legend, recognized for his adherence to the chivalric code and his role in the quest for the Holy Grail.

Name Day

Bohort’s Name Day

The name Bohort does not have a designated name day in the traditional sense, as it is deeply rooted in medieval literature and legend.

Interesting and Fun Facts

Chivalric Virtues

Bohort, as a Knight of the Round Table, embodies chivalric virtues such as courage, honor, and loyalty in Arthurian tales.

Quest for the Holy Grail

Sir Bohort is often depicted as a key participant in the quest for the Holy Grail, showcasing his significance in Arthurian legend.

Literary Legacy

Bohort’s character has left a lasting impression on Arthurian literature and has been featured in various adaptations, contributing to the enduring fascination with medieval romance.


Bohort, with its roots in Arthurian legend and medieval French literature, carries an aura of chivalry and heroic deeds. Its historical and literary significance, combined with its meaning of victory, makes Bohort a name that resonates with those captivated by the enchanting tales of knights, quests, and the legendary Round Table.

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