Meaning, History, and Origin

Klaudia is a feminine given name with Latin origins, derived from the name Claudius. The name Claudius itself originates from the Latin word “claudus,” meaning “lame” or “limping.” However, the modern usage of Klaudia has evolved beyond its original meaning, and it is now associated with qualities such as strength, grace, and resilience.

Usage and Popularity

Klaudia is popular in various European countries, including Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. It has also gained recognition in English-speaking countries, albeit to a lesser extent. While not as common as some other names, Klaudia maintains a steady level of usage and is cherished by those who bear it.


There are several notable individuals named Klaudia who have made contributions in various fields. One example is Klaudia Figura, a Polish actress known for her roles in theater, film, and television. Another is Klaudia Taev, an Estonian opera singer and educator who left a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Estonia.

Name Day

In many countries, individuals named Klaudia celebrate their name day on March 6th, in honor of Saint Klaudia. However, name day traditions may vary depending on cultural and religious practices.

Interesting and Fun Facts

The name Klaudia has variations in spelling and pronunciation across different languages and regions, including Claudia in English and Klára in Czech.

In ancient Rome, the name Claudius was associated with several prominent figures, including Emperor Claudius, known for his contributions to Roman governance and public works.

Klaudia is often associated with qualities such as intelligence, determination, and elegance, reflecting the positive attributes attributed to individuals bearing the name.

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