Meaning and Origin

The name Amar has origins in multiple cultures and languages, including Sanskrit and Arabic. In Sanskrit, “Amar”  means “immortal” or “eternal,” symbolizing longevity and spiritual significance. In Arabic, “Amar” is derived from the word meaning “life” or “long-lived.”

History and Origin

Amar has ancient roots and appears in religious texts and scriptures of various cultures. In Hinduism, Amar is associated with divine beings and immortality, reflecting spiritual and philosophical concepts. The name has been historically significant across South Asia and the Middle East, embodying enduring qualities and profound meanings.

Usage and Popularity

Amar is widely used as a masculine name in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and among diaspora communities globally. It is favored for its positive connotations of immortality and spiritual resilience. According to Name Statistics and BabyCenter, Amar consistently ranks among the top names chosen by parents of South Asian descent.

In Western countries, Amar has gained recognition through multicultural naming trends, celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and meaningful symbolism.


Numerous notable individuals bear the name Amar, including

  • Amar Bose: Founder of Bose Corporation, renowned for audio equipment.
  • Amar Singh Chamkila: Legendary Punjabi singer and songwriter.
  • Amar Gopal Bose: American engineer and entrepreneur, creator of innovative sound systems.
  • Amar Akbar Anthony: A famous Indian film title that became iconic in Bollywood.

These individuals have left significant impacts in their respective fields, showcasing the versatility and cultural resonance of the name Amar.

Name Day

In Hindu tradition, specific name days are not typically celebrated. However, names like Amar may be commemorated during auspicious occasions, religious festivals, or personal milestones, reflecting cultural and familial traditions.

Interesting and Fun Facts

Literary References

The name Amar appears in various literary works, poems, and religious texts across different languages, highlighting its timeless appeal and enduring popularity.

Cultural Significance

Amar is often chosen to honor virtues like strength, resilience, and spiritual enlightenment, making it a cherished name in many families.


Amar has variations in spelling and pronunciation across different regions, such as Amaar, Ammar, or Amr, each maintaining similar meanings and cultural connections.

What does the name Amar mean?

The name Amar means “immortal” or “eternal.” It originates from Sanskrit and Arabic, symbolizing longevity and spiritual significance.

Is Amar a popular name?

Yes, Amar is a popular name, especially in South Asia and among the Indian diaspora. It is chosen for boys due to its positive associations with immortality and strength.

What is the origin of the name Amar?

Amar has origins in both Sanskrit and Arabic languages. In Sanskrit, it means “immortal,” while in Arabic, it is derived from “Amr,” meaning “life” or “long-lived.”

Are there variations of the name Amar?

Variations of Amar include Amaar, Ammar, Amr, and Amer, each with slight differences in pronunciation and spelling across different cultures and regions.

Who are some famous namesakes with the name Amar?

Famous individuals named Amar include Amar Bose (founder of Bose Corporation), Amar Singh Chamkila (Punjabi singer), and Amar Gopal Bose (American engineer and entrepreneur).

What cultural significance does the name Amar hold?

In Hindu culture, Amar is revered for its association with immortality and spiritual resilience, embodying virtues of endurance and strength.

How is the name Amar perceived in different cultures?

Amar is appreciated globally for its timeless appeal and positive attributes, resonating with individuals seeking names that reflect enduring qualities and cultural heritage.

Does Amar have any religious significance?

Amar appears in religious texts and scriptures across Hinduism and Islam, symbolizing eternal life, divine virtues, and spiritual enlightenment.

What are some famous myths or stories associated with the name Amar?

While there are no specific myths, Amar’s association with immortality and resilience is celebrated in literature, poetry, and philosophical teachings across various cultures.

Are there any famous festivals or celebrations associated with the name Amar?

While specific festivals dedicated to the name Amar do not exist, its significance may be honored during Hindu religious festivals or personal milestones as a symbol of spiritual strength and longevity.

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