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Azra Name Meaning and Origin


Name: Azra

Meaning, History, and Origin


The name “Azra” is of Arabic origin and is typically given to girls. It is associated with meanings like “pure,” “chaste,” or “virginal.” The name reflects qualities of purity and innocence.

History and Origin

“Azra” has deep historical roots in Arabic-speaking regions, particularly in the Middle East. It is derived from the Arabic word “عذراء” (ʿaḏrāʾ), which means “virgin” or “pure.” The name signifies a sense of purity and innocence.

Usage and Popularity


“Azra” is a name that is commonly found in Arabic-speaking countries and among Muslim communities worldwide. It is chosen for its positive connotations of purity and innocence.


“Azra” is a well-regarded name and is popular, particularly in Islamic cultures. It is appreciated for its positive meaning and cultural significance.


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