In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the name Abd al-Qadir, encompassing its meaning, history, origin, usage, popularity, namesakes, name day (if applicable), and interesting facts. While academic and governmental sources may not be directly referenced, we will provide well-documented information on the name.

Meaning and Origin


The name Abd al-Qadir has Arabic origins and carries a profound and reverent meaning. It means “Servant of the Powerful” or “Slave of the Mighty.” Abd al-Qadir is a name that embodies qualities of humility and devotion to a higher power, signifying recognition of divine strength and power.


Abd al-Qadir originates from the Arabic language, a Semitic language with a rich history and widespread usage across the Middle East and beyond. Arabic names often have meanings that reflect qualities and values. Abd al-Qadir’s origin in Arabic culture highlights its connection to the region’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

Usage and Popularity

The name Abd al-Qadir is commonly used in Arabic-speaking communities and regions, reflecting its deep religious and cultural significance. It may not be among the most popular names worldwide, but it holds a special place among those who value its spiritual and reverent connotations.


Abd al-Qadir is a name with historical and contemporary namesakes, particularly in the Arab and Islamic world. Various notable individuals bear this name, contributing to its significance in Arab and Muslim cultures.

Name Day

The concept of a name day, as observed in some cultures, may not apply to the name Abd al-Qadir. Name days are specific to certain regions and have cultural or religious significance, but the name Abd al-Qadir does not have a widely recognized name day.

Interesting and Fun Facts

  • Religious Significance: Abd al-Qadir is a name deeply rooted in religious faith, reflecting the spiritual connection and devotion to a higher power, particularly within Islam.
  • Cultural Richness: The name Abd al-Qadir reflects the cultural and religious richness of Arabic and Islamic heritage, where names often have profound meanings and connections to spirituality and divine power.
  • Variations: Similar names with variations in spelling and pronunciation can be found in different regions, each carrying its own unique charm and cultural significance.

In conclusion, the name Abd al-Qadir is a profoundly spiritual and reverent name of Arabic origin, symbolizing humility and devotion to the Powerful and Mighty. Its popularity is most prominent in Arabic-speaking communities, where it is appreciated for its profound spiritual and divine connotations. As a name with a rich cultural and religious heritage, Abd al-Qadir continues to be chosen for its deep connection to faith and recognition of divine strength and power.

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