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Afra Name Meaning and Origin


Meaning, History, and Origin

The name Afra has a rich and diverse history with several origins and meanings across different cultures.

Arabic Origin

In Arabic, “Afra” (أفرى) is derived from the word “afrā'” (عفراء), which means “fair-skinned” or “dusky.” It is a name associated with physical attributes and can be used for individuals with light or dark skin.

German Origin

In Germanic languages, “Afra” has been used as a diminutive form of the name “Aphra,” which is a variation of “Afra,” and it means “young deer.”

Usage and Popularity

The popularity of the name Afra varies by region and culture.

Arabic-speaking countries

In Arabic-speaking regions, Afra is recognized and used, though it may not be among the most common names. Its popularity can vary.

Germany and German-speaking countries

In German-speaking countries, Afra is less common but has historical and linguistic significance.


Saint Afra

Afra is also a significant name in Christian hagiography. Saint Afra was a Christian martyr in the Roman province of Augsburg, Germany. Her feast day is celebrated on August 7th.

Afra Alisio

Afra Alisio was an Italian painter known for her religious artwork and portraits in the 17th century.

Name Day

The concept of a “name day” is celebrated in some cultures, but it may not be associated with the name Afra in all regions.

Interesting and Fun Facts

Multicultural Significance

Afra is a name with multicultural significance, representing a wide range of meanings and histories.

Historical and Religious Ties

The name Afra is tied to both religious and historical figures, making it a name with diverse connotations.

Gender-Neutral Potential

Afra can be a gender-neutral name, suitable for both males and females, particularly in some cultures.

Cultural Variations

The meaning and usage of Afra can vary based on the cultural and linguistic context, making it a versatile and adaptable name.

Please note that while this guide provides a general overview of the name Afra, specific cultural variations and additional details may exist. It’s recommended to consult authoritative sources and references for more in-depth information and cultural nuances related to the name Afra.

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