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Ala Name Meaning and Origin


Meaning, History, and Origin

The name Ala is a name with origins in various cultures, and it carries diverse meanings and historical significance.

Arabic and Islamic Origin

In Arabic, “Ala” (على) is often associated with the term “Ala’,” which means “exalted” or “sublime.” It can also be related to “Allah” (الله), the Arabic word for God, signifying a connection to the divine.

Cultural Significance

The name Ala has been used in various cultures and languages, including Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, with variations in pronunciation and meanings.

Usage and Popularity

Ala is used as both a given name for boys and girls, and its popularity varies by region and culture. It is recognized for its simplicity and positive connotations.


Ala ad-Din al-Haskafi

Ala ad-Din al-Haskafi was a prominent Islamic scholar and author known for his contributions to Islamic jurisprudence.

Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan

Also known as Ala Hazrat, he was a renowned Islamic scholar, theologian, and poet in India, celebrated for his significant influence on Sunni Islam.

Name Day

The concept of celebrating a “name day” varies among different cultures and religions. Some cultures have specific days dedicated to celebrating people with the name Ala, while others may not have this tradition.

Interesting and Fun Facts

Diverse Meanings

The name Ala can carry different meanings in various cultures, from exalted to sublime, and it can be associated with the divine.

Influence in Islamic Scholarship

Several notable Islamic scholars and theologians have been associated with the name Ala, highlighting its connection to Islamic scholarship and learning.


Ala is a gender-neutral name, used for both boys and girls, and it is appreciated for its simplicity and elegance.

Cultural Variations

Depending on the cultural and linguistic context, the pronunciation and meanings of the name Ala can vary.

Please note that while this guide provides a general overview of the name Ala, specific cultural variations and additional details may exist. For more in-depth information and cultural nuances related to the name Ala, it is advisable to consult authoritative sources and references.

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