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Ayoub Name Meaning and Origin


Name: Ayoub

Meaning, History, and Origin


The name “Ayoub” is of Arabic origin and is typically given to boys. It is often associated with the name “Job” in English and is linked to the figure of Job (Ayoub in Arabic), known for his patience and resilience in Abrahamic religious traditions. The name embodies qualities of patience and endurance.

History and Origin

“Ayoub” is rooted in Arabic and Islamic culture, drawing from the story of Job (Ayoub) in the Quran and the Bible. The name is derived from the Arabic word “أيوب” (ʾayyūb), which refers to the prophet Job.

Usage and Popularity


“Ayoub” is a name that is commonly found in Arabic-speaking countries and among Muslim communities worldwide. It is chosen for its association with the virtues of patience and endurance.


The name “Ayoub” is well-regarded and respected, particularly in Islamic cultures. It is appreciated for its connection to a figure of great patience and faith.


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